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Hi I’m Shauna


I’m thrilled and grateful you’ve landed in my online home.   I’m a qualified life and mindset coach passionate about supporting women in their 40s to uncover what living a meaningful life means for them.


 You are so welcome here


My Story

I grew up in Perth, Western Australia.  Despite a lifelong passion for all things personal growth, self-discovery and helping people I somehow found myself at university studying to become an accountant.   My love of spreadsheets is well known by my friends but that is the only thing that is “typical accountant” about me.  I’ve always been emotional and empathic – more interested in people than numbers.


I spent my 20s working for various corporate organisations both in Perth and London.  Working as an accountant provided me the financial freedom to travel and explore the world for which I truly grateful.   I returned to Perth in my late 20s ready to meet my future husband, settle down and have children.  Life had different plans for me though.


By far the proudest moment of my life was becoming a solo Mum by choice to my beautiful son at the age of 37.  The journey to becoming his Mum consumed most of my 30s.  It taught me my capacity for handling loss and pain but also that I am capable of enormous love and courage.  When I look at my son I forget the struggle.  He truly is my dream come true.


Turning 40 didn’t seem like a big deal to me.  Age is just a number after all but a couple of life events caused me to re-evaluate how I was living my life.  As I faced the reality of ageism against women in the corporate world I became increasingly unhappy with my job.  This unhappiness started to spill over to my personal life and was impacting my son.  My fear was greater than my courage and I was unable to see there could be more for me.


It was the death of a very dear friend to breast cancer that finally helped me step out in the world and chase my new dream.  She was one of my greatest teachers showing me that life is precious and there is no other time than now to live an authentic life filled with purpose.


I started seeing my own life coach and through my series with her came to understand my purpose is to shine the light for women in midlife to understand it is never to late to live an exceptional life.  We have been gifted one life and we can choose courage over fear, joy over unhappiness and love over everything else no matter our age.


My life coach led me to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and I am now a qualified life coach.  Finally I am living my dream and following my passion for helping people.  I am thrilled I can support other women in their 40s to do the same for themselves.



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If you are a woman in your 40s ready to live your most exceptional and meaningful life contact me for a complimentary consult and we can uncover what is possible for you.

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