For women ready to awaken in their 40s


Are you currently experiencing any of the following?

Feeling like you achieved so much in your 20s and 30s, but now in your 40s find yourself wondering what is next for you?

Feelings of boredom or discontentment with the life you have created for yourself .  Feeling stuck in a rut with little time for joy, lightheartedness or fun.

Asking yourself deep, probing questions evaluating where you wanted to be in life compared to where you find yourself.  Suddenly a strong desire to listen to your soul and what you deeply desire.

Growing loss of confidence, self-love and acceptance.   Wondering what your place is and what value you have to offer in a society that loves youth.  Believing your best years are behind you.

Feeling alone and unsupported in your journey into midlife.

Feeling you have failed to fulfill the hopes and dreams you had when you were younger but are now too trapped or tied down by responsibility to change it.

For many women our 40s can be an unsettling season of our lives.  Behind us are the days of striving to achieve goals like education, first jobs, promotions, first homes, marriage and children.   We may find ourselves on our own, aged out of the workplace, single parents or feeling tied down by financial responsibilities.  If you feel this is you don’t worry you aren’t alone!  The good news is I truly believe you can use the wisdom and experiences you have gathered over your life to awaken to a midlife filled with joy, contentment and a deep sense of self-love.

I am a woman in my 40s.  I have moved from a Corporate career to living my dream and running a heart centred coaching business.   Along the way I have rediscovered myself and I’m now living a life filled with joy, self-love and fulfillment.  I’ve learnt success is not defined by what I have externally but how I feel inside.  Taking time to do the inner work and accept myself for the unique individual I am has filled me with excitement for what is to come. 


Coaching with me you will have your own personal cheerleader, guide, coach and mentor receiving 1:1 support with:

Using the wisdom and experiences you have gained in your life to design the second half to be everything you dream.

Creating a life filled with deep contentment and happiness that comes from within.

Shifting your mindset to build a loving relationship with yourself filled with self-care, acceptance and gratitude.

Finding clarity in those areas of your life where you feel overwhelmed, dissatisfied and stuck.  What is it that you really want for yourself?

Creating self-care routines and rituals that feel supportive in helping you create the life of your dreams.

Living and loving in the present with ease, calm and mindfulness.

Rediscovering a sense of excitement about the possibilities life holds for you.

Gain a deeper understanding of your values, what is important to you and what lights you up from the inside out.

Rediscover joy, laughter, pleasure and fun.  Learn to truly love your life.

Taking inspired action to move you forward into living the life you envision.

Now is the time to live a life filled with joy.  If not now then when?

My 12 week coaching program includes:

A questionnaire that asks thought-provoking and powerful questions to direct our series together.

6×60 minute Skype sessions, fortnightly over 12 weeks.

Unlimited email support between sessions to progress action steps, celebrate wins and ask questions.

Worksheets and resources designed to help you achieve your your goals.

Your Investment:

$348 per month for three months, $1044 in total AUD (5% discount if paid upfront). This is approximately $780 USD.

There is an option to renew for another three months at a reduced rate on completion of the first series.

Have questions? I offer a complimentary consult that allows us to connect and see if we are the right fit for each other.  Contact me here to book in a time.  I can’t wait to chat with you.

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