Chartered Accountant 

Business Wellbeing Coach

Blending Bookkeeping with Mindfulness

Hello, I’m Shauna. It’s safe to say I’m not your average number cruncher – although I am an experienced bookkeeper and Chartered Accountant.

I blend my flair for numbers with coaching skills and a deep belief in the proven benefits of mindfulness.

You might think that’s an unusual combination.

But if you’re serious about achieving financial success – whatever that means for you – it’s essential you learn how to pay attention to your numbers.

And mindfulness is all about paying attention.


In love with numbers for over 20 years

When I studied accounting at high school and Uni in Perth, mindfulness wasn’t a mainstream concept. It didn’t get a mention.

Luckily, I had a flair for numbers – they made sense to my naturally organised, logical brain.

Not surprisingly, I built my career around them. My qualifications and experience brought opportunities to grow my knowledge at home and overseas for 20 years.

When I returned to life in Perth, I began to notice the most rewarding part of my job had become educating others. It brought together my love of numbers, a talent for teaching and my innate desire to help people succeed.

While I contemplated a new direction – life happened.




From heartbreak to healing and positive change

In 2017, my job satisfaction was at an all-time low and I was feeling deeply unhappy. I knew I had the skills to successfully take my career in a new direction, but I’d been contemplating a gradual pivot.

In the end, I prioritised my wellbeing. I walked away from my corporate job towards life as a solo business owner.

Unfortunately, there were more challenges ahead. My dear friend Annette, who had been battling cancer, finally lost her struggle. Her untimely death hit me hard. But she would have loved that it became the catalyst for positive change in my life.

With the support and encouragement of some of my wonderful business connections I moved into freelance bookkeeping. I also began exploring how I could support women using my instinct for problem-solving and my natural tendencies towards nurturing and empowering others.

Collaborate  / Nurture  / Empower

My bookkeeping work continued while I gained qualifications in mindfulness, leadership, meditation and coaching. Then, I transitioned into a new career as a Life Coach.

I loved having the freedom to collaborate with and support women as they worked towards goals in different areas of their lives. But the picture felt incomplete. I was missing my world of numbers.

The answer was there all along. Why not combine my new skills with my practical accounting and bookkeeping expertise to nurture and empower women in business? So, I did.

Working with women who want to know their numbers

If you’re ready to embrace your numbers you’ll love my mindful approach to bookkeeping that combines practical help with education.

You’ll gain greater understanding of where your business is at, so you can be more strategic about where you’d like it to be.

If you’re ready to get to know your numbers – get in touch – I’m ready to help.