Small business advisory for forward thinkers

Some days, juggling all the decision-making and planning for your business can make you feel a bit like a duck.

Everyone sees you gliding smoothly across the water but under the surface, you’re working flat out to keep moving in the right direction.

Planning and decision making are more challenging if you don’t understand how your numbers reflect your performance.

You have to work much harder to make progress and it’s easier to make a strategic mistake.  My small business advisory services help you move forward more easily.

Strategies to set you up for success

Through my business advisory services, I empower businesswomen in Perth who seek clarity about their numbers and financial performance.

You’ll gain insight into your current situation. And learn how to identify areas for improvement as well as new opportunities to develop.

You’ll feel able to make informed decisions and plan for the future with greater confidence and peace of mind, at a more consistent pace.

Understand your numbers – understand your business


Getting your numbers right will put you on the path to better understanding your business.

My Business Advisory services help you explore and identify what your numbers mean for your business. In simple terms – what’s working and what’s not.

You’ll learn how to interpret accounting reports like your Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet.  So, you can be more strategic about increasing your profitability.

Whatever your stage of business, I’ll help you gain clarity about what most needs your attention and grow the confidence to act accordingly.



My business advisory package is a great starting point when you’re ready to get more strategic about your business success.


If you have a specific area of your business where you want to develop your understanding, I can help.  Take a look at my ad hoc business advisory services below:



We’ll collaborate to develop, implement and track your budget and cash flow. You’ll learn how to monitor and understand your business performance, so you can plan for the future.


I collaborate with you and your tax accountant to clarify where your business is now and where you’d like it to be. I help you focus on your financial strategies, and regularly measure your performance to make sure you avoid any nasty surprises.


I help you bring systems, processes or technology into your business that deliver accounting efficiencies or improve your knowledge. It’s another effective way to streamline your numbers and free up more of your time for other things that matter to you.


Your business is a huge part of your life and should be able to support the lifestyle you want. So, naturally, your business performance impacts your practical financial needs and personal goals.

I can help you evaluate and align your personal and business budgets.

With my business advisory services, you can keep your business performance on track. So you can put more energy into creating a life you love.

Not sure whether you need a package or service? Let’s chat about it.

Want to work on the bigger picture? Why not find out more about the benefits Business Wellbeing Coaching can bring you and your business.