If you have questions about any of the bookkeeping, business or coaching services I offer, this is a great starting point.




Why do your services only target women?

I believe in equality for everyone. However, I particularly enjoy supporting women to achieve their business goals and I’ve chosen to make this the primary focus for my business.

Do I still work with men?   Yes, I have a handful of lovely male clients who have been with me for a while.

When I changed the focus of my business to mindful bookkeeping, I made the choice to open up the world of numbers to as many women in business as possible.

Going forward, I am keen to work with women in business who want to be more mindful about embracing the dynamics of knowing their numbers.

My Business Wellbeing and Leadership coaching is 100% tailored towards women.

How can a bookkeeper help me?

A bookkeeper can help with a range of tasks related to keeping your accounts in order and up to date, including:

  • Basic data entry
  • Banking reconciliations

  • Set up or fix your Xero or MYOB file

  • Tailor your chart of accounts

  • Training for DIY bookkeeping

  • STP, PAYG and superannuation payment lodgements

  • BAS preparation and lodgement

  • Debtor and Creditor management

  • EOFY preparation – including liaising with your tax accountant

  • Demystifying your accounting reports – Balance sheets or P+L


I’m also a chartered accountant, so I have experience in account management reporting, budget management and planning.

Put simply, I can make sense of your numbers in a way that gives you more insight into how your business is performing. This helps you make strategic decisions for your business.

When do I need a bookkeeper?

Working with a bookkeeper as soon as you have the budget available will be better for your business in the long run.

Your accounting file will be set up correctly and your accounts and ATO obligations will be current. Your accounts will require far less of your time and be easier for your tax accountant to process.

And when you’re thinking about costs – remember that bookkeeping services are tax deductIble – your time isn’t.

When should I work with you?

My values collaborate, nurture and empower are embedded into everything I do as a woman in business.

I don’t just want to offer practical help with your numbers, I want to help you understand what they mean for your business performance.

From a practical perspective, I’m highly qualified and have a broad range of account management and bookkeeping experience spanning more than 20 years.

Take a look at my About page to learn more.

How much does a bookkeeper cost?

This is a tough one to answer as no two businesses have exactly the same needs.

But I do offer some value-packed, fixed cost bookkeeping packages. These are perfect for your business when you want the certainty of a fixed number of services for a fixed price.

If you need a stand-alone service or training, I offer a couple of options to identify what’s best for you and what it will cost.

You can book a free discovery call with me or I can give your accounting file an obligation-free health check.

And remember, bookkeeping services are tax deductible – your time spent working on your accounts isn’t.  So, working with a bookkeeper helps your costs in more ways than one.

I already have a tax accountant – why do I need a bookkeeper or a management accountant?

Each of these services is essential for successfully managing your numbers, performance and compliance. This is a broad overview:

As a bookkeeper, I ensure your accounts and processes are up to date, so you understand your numbers. And you can monitor and manage your business’s performance.

I also make sure you’re as organised as possible for your tax accountant, which saves time and money.

As a management accountant I have the skills and experience to deliver business advisory services.

I prepare and analyse management reports and accounts. These provide accurate and timely financial and statistical information to help you make short-term and long-term decisions.

Your tax accountant prepares and lodges your tax returns. They can also give you tax advice to inform your financial strategies for your business.

I am not a tax accountant, but by helping you maintain accurate records, I reduce your tax accountant’s workload at tax time.

Can a bookkeeper save me money?

A good bookkeeper can generate cost savings for your business – starting by helping you use your time more efficiently.

Unlike you, your bookkeeper isn’t juggling competing business priorities – when they’re working on your accounts, that’s their primary role.

So, an experienced bookkeeper – like me – gets through your tasks more quickly with more accuracy.

My expertise means I can spot problems in your numbers early on, and help you avoid issues later.

I know how to make your accounting system more effective for your business and understand the relevant legislation you need to abide by.

Plus, I ensure you stay compliant with your ATO obligations for BAS, STP, PAYG and superannuation lodgement – so you avoid financial penalties.

My services are also tax deductible.

Can you process payroll or superannuation?

Yes. I’m qualified to manage all your payroll requirements, including Single Touch Payroll, PAYG, superannuation lodgement, leave entitlements and end of year summaries.

And I understand how to meet your obligations, so you stay compliant with the ATO.

Can you help with my BAS prep and lodgement?

Yes, I’m a registered BAS Agent, which means I can complete and lodge your BAS with the ATO and ensure you’re compliant with GST requirements.

Is bookkeeping tax deductible?

Yes, bookkeeping services are 100% tax deductible – get in touch if you want more information.

Which software packages can you help with?

I work with Xero and MYOB.  I can set up or customise your Chart of Accounts to make the numbers easier to understand for YOUR business.

I’m a Certified Xero Advisor, which means I’m approved by Xero to set up your systems and train you on how to use it.

If your Xero is already set up, I can review and tailor it to suit your business, so it’s working at capacity for you.

Why not organise a free accounting file health check?

I’m behind with my bookkeeping – can you help?

Yes, I offer a specific Rescue Bookkeeping service if you are 3 months or more behind with your accounts.

What is Business Advisory?

If you’re ready to make sense of your numbers to purposefully boost your business performance, you’ll benefit from my business advisory services.

I offer a fixed cost package, but you can also choose from a range of standalone services, including:

  • Cashflow Planning / Forecasts
  • Income Forecasts
  • Budgets
  • Management Reports
  • Goal Setting
  • Monitoring Budgets / Forecasts
  • Personal budgets – making sure your business supports your personal goals

If you have questions about Business Advisory services, why not book a free discovery call with me? Together, we can explore your options.

How much do your Business Advisory services cost?

The cost depends very much on your starting point when we begin working together.

But I do offer a fixed price Business Advisory package. This could be ideal for your business if you want the certainty of a fixed number of services for a guaranteed cost.

Do you work out of my office or yours?

Every client has different requirements, so I aim to work in the way that best suits you.

I can start by working at your premises, so I learn as much as possible about your business and what matters to you. I have public liability insurance in place to cover this scenario.

After that, I usually work remotely from my office space. But I have the flexibility to meet you face to face – you just need to let me know what you prefer or need. I’ll adapt to your requirements.

Are you based in Australia? Do you have local knowledge about our accounting systems?

I’m not only based in Perth, Western Australia, I also completed all my accounting, bookkeeping and coaching studies here.  So, I’m knowledgeable about the compliance and legislation that affects you and your business.

An overseas service may initially appear a cheaper option, but it can lead to many more costs in the long run.

You can’t be certain that the person working on your numbers has the qualifications or experience you need.  Once your data is sent overseas, you run the risk that it won’t be protected.

When you work with a local service provider like me, you’re supporting an Australian business.

I have verifiable skills and knowledge you can trust and rely on. My depth of experience makes me thorough and efficient.  I’m also committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality.

And, I’ve grown a network of local specialists who can help you when I can’t.

Who is your coaching for?

My business wellbeing coaching is 100% tailored towards women in small business in Perth who want their businesses to support their lives.

My financial background coupled with my coaching training and experience means we focus on improving your:

financial literacy – to better understand your numbers and their impact on your success

inner leadership qualities to give you clarity about your goals and confidence to pursue them

business wellbeing, so you maintain the ideal balance between self-care and business growth

Are you a business coach?

Not in the traditional sense – although I do have experience running my business.  I work with you to develop your mindfulness, so you be more focused and productive as a business owner.  You and I work together on specific areas of your business, so you:

– become more aware of your numbers

– use mindfulness to stay on track with your goals

– learn about tools and meditation techniques to better manage your wellbeing

Can I book you for one session?

Coaching is most successful on an ongoing basis, so you can get the full benefit of setting, working towards and achieving goals.

But, I also understand that sometimes you only need guidance on how to tackle one particular issue. This can be achieved over one or two coaching sessions.

The best approach is to get in touch so we can talk about your needs and how best to meet them.