Mindfully grow your business to support the life you love

Have you noticed how often the demands of your business seem to come ahead of the people and things you care about the most ? Or that you sometimes feel dissatisfied, despite “living the dream” of working for yourself?

The truth is, as your business grows, it’s easy to lose sight of why you started it in the first place. There’s a disconnect between your business goals and your personal ones, so you stop prioritising your family, friends or wellbeing.

Imagine saying goodbye to a life that supports your business and embracing a business that supports your life.

My practical mindfulness coaching for women in small business helps you gain clarity about your purpose, priorities and finances. I help you grow your business with a focus on the life you want with the people you care about.


Embrace mindfulness and rediscover the priorities in your life

My approach to business mindfulness coaching helps you learn to pay attention to where you are with your business – and where you’d like to be.  Because, as women running our own businesses, we often end up feeling as if our lives – and our wellbeing – take second place to our work.

Throw in an unhealthy relationship with your finances, and it’s hard not to let your business eat up all of your time.

I help you reconnect with, and gain clarity about the priorities in your life, which naturally flows into how you manage your business.

My coaching is 100% tailored towards women with a focus on improving your:

  • Financial literacy – to better understand your numbers and their impact on your success
  • Inner leadership qualities to give you clarity about your goals and confidence to pursue them
  • Business wellbeing, so you maintain the ideal balance between self-care and business growth

So, you can build a business that supports the goals you have for your life right now.

What can you expect from my business mindfulness coaching?

Maybe you feel ideas, plans or solutions your business needs are hidden away, out of reach, in the dark recesses of your mind? Well, you’re not wrong.  Many of the resources you seek already exist inside you. My job is to help you dig deep enough to find them, bring them into the light and use them to achieve your goals.

I draw on decades of financial training, knowledge and experience. Plus, my desire to help women in business achieve greater success using practical mindfulness means I’ve completed a range of qualifications, including: ·

  • Beautiful You Life Coaching – with a focus on supporting people as they create change, I help you identify your goals and work towards achieving them.

  • Lead Like a Woman Coaching – this evidence-based coaching program is designed to empower women who want more out of life. I can help you uncover, embrace and nurture your inner leadership qualities to run your business with greater confidence, clarity and enhanced wellbeing. ·

  • Meditation teaching with Perth Meditation Centre – I help you discover the power of meditation to boost your wellbeing, your focus and your performance

When you choose me as your coach, you receive customised mindfulness coaching that explores key elements, such as: ·

  • YOUR WHY – reassess the reason you started your business – it might be different now to what it was in the early days

  • PRIORITIES – depending on your stage of life, these can change but often include goals inside and outside your business:


  • VALUES – if your personal and business values align you can gain greater satisfaction from your business – and your life

  • PRACTICALITIES – the needs and wants in your life right now and how your business can support these

Let my mindfulness coaching illuminate the way forward

Together, we’ll explore your personal qualities and your business mindset. The more I understand about the support you need, the better I can tailor your coaching, so you’ll: ·

  • have enough accountability to take you from goal planning to implementation and goal smashing.
  • discover why looking after your wellbeing is better for your business.
  • access practical tools like easy meditation exercises you can use, wherever you are, to sooth stress or improve your focus.

I draw on my bookkeeping and business advisory skills to help you embrace your financial goals. And I share coaching strategies to manage your boundaries and grow your inner leadership skills. You’ll feel more secure, confident and clear about the way ahead, not only in your business but in all areas of your life.

Would you like mindfulness coaching to move you closer to the life you want to lead

Teams need support too.

I can tailor my mindfulness coaching services to you or your team.