“Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book.  Write a good one.”

Have you ever wished there was an alternative to creating New Year Resolutions?  When you read the statistic that only 8% of New Years Resolutions are ever met it makes sense that there must be a better way.   For the coming year I have decided to adopt two seperate approaches as an alternative to New Year Resolutions.

Alternative New Years Resolutions

What are the alternatives to New Years Resolutions?
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The first is to choose an intentional “feeling” word to guide me through the coming year.  Through the process of choosing the word I have reflected on my hopes for 2019, how do I want to “feel” and where do I believe I need to be supported.  The inspirational Susannah Conway has a wonderful five day course that helped guide me to my word for 2019 which is Connection.  2019 feels to me like a year for deepening connection to myself, my son, my friendships, my clients and the creation of new connections.  I also feel to have a supporting word for 2019 which is Ease.  This word beautifully supports how I want my connections for 2019 to unfold.


The second approach was inspired by Amanda Kendle and her 18 things to do in 2018.  Keeping my word for the year in mind I have created a list of 19 things for 2019.  Some of these thing are big and some are small but all are designed to deepen existing connections or create new ones.  


1) Declutter My Wardrobe

I have been working hard over the past 12 months to accept and love myself for who I am and where I find myself in life.  When I review 2018 I give myself a big tick as I progress towards this goal.  One place I have yet to accept myself is in my wardrobe.  I have a huge wardrobe with clothes from a decade ago that haven’t fit me in years.  There is a sub-conscious part of myself that is holding on to the thinner, younger version of myself through my wardrobe.  It is time to let go of the past and accept where I find myself in the present.


2) Take myself to the movies once a month

Some people may think it’s odd that I love going to the movies on my own.  It feels so indulgent to me.  I don’t have to worry if the person next to me is enjoying the movie or if they are judging me for crying through sad or happy moments.  Going to the movies on my own in the middle of the day feels like the ultimate in self care. 


3) Give a talk

This comes under the category of “doing something that scares me”.  I’m in good company with an estimated 75% of people having a fear of public speaking.  It is a fear I feel I am ready to face in 2019.


4) Join a Meet-up group of like-minded people

Belonging to a tribe of like minded people is a priority for 2019.  In my city, there are hundreds of Meet-Up groups that focus on different interests.  I would like to belong to a group of people with a similar interest in spirituality.


5) Start a photography practice

I have a mirrorless camera that I use to take great holiday snaps.  When I get home the camera is put in the cupboard and never used.  In 2019 I want to get into the habit of taking my camera with me on a regular basis.

Establish a regular photography practice

Establish a regular photography practice
Photo by Nicolas Ladino Silva on Unsplash

6) Spend a weekend with my oldest and dearest friends

I have two dear friends who have experienced many of the ups and downs of life with me.  We don’t see each other as often as I would like since the arrival of husbands, partners and children.  A weekend of chats and laughter with my girls sounds like a wonderful way to deepen connections.


7) Learn more about the power of crystals

I have a fascination with crystals and their healing powers but if I’m honest I don’t really understand exactly what they can do.  Hibiscus Moon has an academy to teach students a more in-depth understanding of crystals.   I would love to study with her.


8) Use my Doterra Essentials Oils for more than their nice smell

I love my Doterra essential oils.  They smell wonderful and have really helped relax me during my meditation practice.  The oils also have health benefits which I would like to explore.


9) Bring a kitten into our family

My Dad is a veterinarian so I have been surrounded by animals my entire life.   My last cat had to be put to sleep five years ago and we haven’t had a pet since.  It’s time for my son to experience the joys of having your own cat.


10) Finish the self-development books and courses I’ve purchased

I made a promise to myself in 2018 to only purchase books or courses if I complete them.  I haven’t kept that promise so my new promise to myself is that I will not purchase any more books or courses until all those I’ve already bought have been completed.


11) Start a Podcast

This is under the category of “huge” things I want to achieve in 2019.  I listen to podcasts every day and find them inspiring and uplifting.  I would love to create my own podcast to do the same for others.


12) Explore my own city

I love travel and have been fortunate to be able to travel a lot in my life.  Starting a new business and the restrictions of school schedules means the next year or two I will be focussing on home.  What a perfect opportunity to start to explore Perth as a tourist.


13) Plant spring bulbs to fill my garden with flowers

I love flowers but always seem to miss the cut-off time for planting bulbs.  This year I would like to create a spring garden full of the colour and scent of flowers.


14) Find my story

The art of storytelling is an ancient one that seems to be having a revival.  I would love to hone my own story and be able to tell it in an interesting and humorous way.


15) Have a monthly adventure with my son

There are many ways to deepen my connection with my son.  A monthly adventure sounds like a particularly fun way!


16) Work with my own life coach

A good life coach knows they are always growing and learning.  I feel it is important that I work with a life coach each year on whatever part of my life needs it most.  In 2019 I would like to work on how my mindset is impacting my start up business.


17) Create a vision board

Sarah Centrella has a unique approach to creating vision boards.  The creation of the vision is only one small part of an 8 step process that includes taking inspired action (a step I feel is often missing).  I will be creating vision boards to display in my office to remind me on a daily basis what I am striving to feel.


18) Fill my house with plants and flowers

My house is filled with crystals and affirmations.  I am working through and decluttering wherever I can.  The next step is to bring some colour and nature in to my home.  


19) Explore cost effective entertainment in Perth

The theatre, especially musical theatre, brings me great joy.  When I lived in London I went to see a different show every other weekend.  Perth usually has a big West End production a couple of times a year.  I would like to explore local productions and other ways to experience the joy of the theatre more often.



Those are my plans for 2019.  Do you have other suggested alternatives to New Years Resolutions?





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